Partnering with Future Healthcare ProvidersANC provides Dental CareEducation for Better HealthProviding Quality Care for the Uninsured

Partnering with Future Healthcare Providers

The Athens Nurses Clinic partners with many local education programs including medical schools, nursing programs, pharmacy programs, public health and more. We provide opportunities to learn, and they help us take better care of our clients.

ANC provides Dental Care

ANC is one of the few no-cost dental care clinics available in Northeast Georgia.

Education for Better Health

A part of ANC's duty is to better equip our patients to take care of themselves - including education regarding diabetes, smoking cessation, breast health and more.

Providing Quality Care for the Uninsured

The Athens Nurses Clinic provides high-quality care for those who are uninsured and those very-low income patients in the Athens-area.

Board of Directors


 2014-2015 ANC Board of Directors

Marvin Nunnally – Chair

Dawn Donovan – Vice-Chair

Derrick Gable – Secretary

Jason Redmond – Treasurer

Annice Ritter

Nina Cleveland

Marcy Jolles

Brandon “Kip” Hicks

Dustin Kirby

Norbert Hahn